Book Jacket for Echoes from the Sky

Echoes from the Sky
by Richard N.Scarth

The History of Acoustic Defence.
Following the air raids of WW1, Britain was left with no effective warning of the approach of enemy aircraft, other than the human eye and ear. Acoustic Defence was based on battle field gun ranging and used highly developed technology to track aircraft twenty years before the emergence of RADAR. Tangible remains of these ‘sound mirrors’ can still be visited around the UK and ‘Echoes From The Sky’ offers the clearest understanding of their development and design.

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Book Jacket for RAF Biggin Hill The Other Side of the Bump

RAF Biggin Hill - The Other Side of the Bump
by Peter Osborne

Often known as the ‘Most Famous Fighter Station’ in the World’, Biggin Hill has a rich and virtually unknown history behind the scenes.

With the Wireless Testing Park established at Biggin Hill in 1917 the RAF Wireless Experimental Establishment was consolidated there on the formation of the RAF in 1918...

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Book Jacket for Spitfire on my Tail

Spitfire on my Tail
by Ulrich Steinhilper & Peter Osborne

“Spitfire On My Tail” is the detailed account of how one German grew up and joined the Luftwaffe as a career officer and airman. It was written by Ulrich Steinhilper who was an Oberleutnant with JG 52 (52nd Fighter Wing) based at Coquelles near Calais.
He flew over one-hundred and fifty combat missions during the Battle of Britain and saw his Gruppe of thirty-six experienced pilots whittled down to just a handful by October 1940...

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Book Jacket for Ten Minutes to Buffalo

Ten Minutes to Buffalo
by Ulrich Steinhilper & Peter Osborne

'Ten Minutes to Buffalo' is the sequel to Ulrich Steinhilper's highly successful first book and is a catalogue of courage and determination on the ground.

In this way it is set to repeat the successful formula by providing a rare chance to witness how things were for 'The Other Side', this time behind the barbed wire and in Ulrich Steinhilper's case all too often outside the wire...

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Book Jacket for Full Circle

Full Circle
by Ulrich Steinhilper & Peter Osborne

'Full Circle' is the last of three books which record Ulrich Steinhilper's remarkable experiences in the Second World War.

In 'Ten Minutes To Buffalo', the story of the first three escapes is told and in 'Full Circle' the story is continued as Ulrich and Hinnerk Waller find themselves back in custody. But that is far from the end of Ulrich's career as an escaper...

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Book Jacket for Test Pilots

Test Pilots
by Wolfgang Spate

This is an exciting new book relating the firsthand experiences of predominantly German Test Pilots. Including over one hundred photographs and illustrations, the majority of which have never been seen before and full of refreshingly new material...

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Book Jacket for Laurels For Prinz Wittgenstein

Laurels For Prinz Wittgenstein
by Werner P. Roell

'Laurels For Prinz. Wittgenstein' is the story of a man who may have been the last of the Knights. Born into the aristocratic Wittgenstein family, Prinz Heinrich saw his place as a defender of his homeland as his ancestors, the Counts von Sayn, had done in times gone by. Although a somewhat frail and sickly youth his health seemed to stabilise in maturity and he joined the 17th Cavalry Regiment in Bamberg in 1936...

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Book Jacket for Don't Talk - Do It

Don't Talk - Do It
by Ulrich Steinhilper

Over and above being the story of the evolution of Word Processing, ‘Don’t Talk - Do It!’ is a fascinating record of the development of post-war business. It is also an intriguing illustration of how one man made his contribution in the true pioneering spirit, helping Germany rise from the ruins of World War II to one of the world’s most successful industrial nations...

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Book Jacket for My War

My War
by Harry Verlander

The Special Operations Executive (SOE) French section, Jedburgh teams, and Special Air Service (SAS) sent into west and south-west France, helped the French Resistance liberate the whole area without assistance from any other ground forces...

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